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    Tomorrow I have to sit through a 3 hour GD test as my midwife believes that I am in a high risk category. I've had the hr long test before and didn't enjoy it, lol so not looking forward to this one. My question is that I've been told that if the test is positive which I think the midwife believes it will be that I have a higher risk of having a C section delivery and the baby will be above normal weight. Can anyone tell me if this is true and is it just standard procedure that all GD women have C Sections or can you give birth naturally ?

    Thanks for your help, I'm probably worrying about nothing, lol.

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    Hey sharon... This is my first pg and my GD was picked up at 14w. What I can tell you...
    1. GD babies can be bigger than normal, but this is not always true.
    2. If it looks like a GD baby will be too big for the mum to deliver naturally they will usually induce a few weeks early.
    3. It is not standard practice for GD women to have a c/s. Most OB's only opt for a c/s if the GD is affecting mum's health or the bubs is too big and she can't deliver naturally... but due to monitoring and point 2 this isn't that common.

    Please try not to worry too much until you have the test results. With diet and exercise you can control your GD and then look forward to a perfectly natural delivery.

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    Hi Sharon

    I have had gestational diabetes three times now - and none of my babies were born by c-sect.

    They were induced but not because they were large but because other blood tests I was undergoing were coming back abnormal.

    My first child was 8lb, second 6lb 7oz and third 7lb 4oz - definately not big babies!!

    Please do not try to worry too much - I am sure your ob will take very good care of you.

    Best wishes - please pm me if you have any questions. I am more than happy to help out with any questions.

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