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Thread: GD Effects on bub after birth??

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    Default GD Effects on bub after birth??

    Hi everyone

    I'm due to give birth to my bub on Friday (9/6) by C/Section and was wondering if anybody can tell me their experiences with what happened with their precious bubs when they were born, after having GD during the pregnancy.

    I was diagnosed with GD at 28 weeks and was able to control it with diet up until 2 weeks ago when I was put on insulin, only a small dose (7 units, twice per day). The insulin has worked a treat in settling my glucose levels down again.

    I would just like to hear from anybody who was in a similar situation. Did your bub have to go to the special care nursery? For how long? Any breathing difficulties? etc etc.

    Thanks for listening, & I anxiously await your replies.

    Alicia xx

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    Hi Alicia
    All the best for the birth this week!
    I had GD with my first pregnancy. Like you it was diet controlled for the most part, and I went on insulin at 32 weeks. My daughter decided to make an early entrance at 36w3d weighing 7lb3oz!

    As far as I understand, it is procedure in most hospitals for GD babies to spend their first 24 hours in special care. While there they will test baby's blood sugar levels every 4 hours. As long as all the readings are normal they will then bring the baby back to you to room in.
    My DD was in there for two days because a stupid nurse messed up one of her readings (I was watching her do it and she messed up the sample and wouldn't redo it) so if they get a dodgy reading they have to stay in for another 24 hours after that. They have to have 24 hours of normal readings.
    When she was born she needed a bit of help to breathe, but that was to be expected being she was a bit early AND the GD. She was breathing fine and nice and pink in less than a minute. Her APGAR's were 8 and 9 which are great all things considered.

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    hi Ali,

    i had GD with Ryan and also my second pg too both inulin dependant but it was only with Ryan that we had any sign of trouble when hewasborn he wasn't breathing and waspurple blue in colour what seemed like a life time hisapgars were 6 and 9 they tested his bsls every 2 hours which to start with were reasonable it wasn't until 2am that his bsl dropped to dangerous levels and he was taken to SCN where he had a nasal tube inserted and he was fed every hour or so until his levels rose and stayed even which took 48 hrs but he is good now best wishes for friday i'l be thinking of you and can't wait to hear the good news

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    hi my sister had GD with all 3 boys only last 2 was she insulin dependant and c-section besides bubs being bigger than normal, they had to spend day one in special care as stated above

    she also said with #3 she knew from his cry which was a crackly type that he was going to require some oxygen, she said it sounds different from a normal baby cry, so if you hear that be prepared bub may need a small amount of oxygen etc

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    I had Insulin during my last 10 weeks of pregnancy and was up to 50 units x 5 times a day not good.
    Eliza was born macrosomic (obese) but within 24 hrs had thinned out, the paeditian at the birth made the statement that my diabetes wasnt controlled even with this amount of insulin, but in saying that Eliza had perfect bsl's they checked her for the first 24hrs and then occasionly in the following few days. She was rather sleepy thou and developed jaundice prob because the c-sect was scheduled 3 weeks early.
    I did the follow up bsl test and came back fine, I mentioned ot my obst at my 6w check up that no one bothered to check me in hospital and he laughed and said no it just goes. Eliza spent a week and half in scn 7 days after the birth due to poor feeding and had a ngt put in mainly because of the jaundice but I had her with me for the first 7 days, her AGPAR scores were 9's and she was perfect not requiring anything.
    I wish you all the best on this very special bubs arrival

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    Thankyou all so much for your replies. I really just wish I knew exactly what I was in for, I guess none of us really know until the time comes.

    Shazz - I'm so glad Ryan is doing so well now, he looks beautiful in his pic!!!

    Bec - OMG - 50 units, 5 times a day, that's huge, you poor thing. It must have been very stressful for you during your pregnancy. It also must have been so hard when they put Eliza back into the SCN. I hope she's doing really well now.

    Flea - What a stupid nurse, stuffing it up & then you having to pay the price of not being able to have your precious bubs in with you for another 24 hours.

    Thanks again girls, and if there's anyone else with stories, I would be very grateful.

    Alicia xxxxxxxx

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    Hi Alicia,
    I don't have GD but am a type 1 or insulin dependent diabetic so one step up again from what you are going through. You can reasonably expect your bub to spend the first 24 hours in special care....some babies are 'let out' earlier but not generally...not sure if they have explained fully why but basically your bubba will be have got used to your high sugar levels and as its own pancreas kicks in after birth babies blood sugar levels drop dramatically and can cause hypos which are not pleasant. If you intend to breast feed it might be an idea to start expressing now and save up some colostrum/milk as they can give this to treat a lowish sugar...this is what has been suggested to may have to tell them that this is your preferred treatment though so they note it down as some hospitals are still in the dark ages where the big D is concerned (but that is another soapbox for another time and place - lol). There will most likely be no long term effects especially if you have only recently had to go onto insulin and at such a small dose.....make sure hubby takes lots of photos for you to get through the first day and if there is nothing else wrong with bubba insist on some bonding time before they whisk him/her off to special care...some nurses can be so inconsiderate of mum sometimes. I would also very much doubt that your baby would have macrosomia if your insulin needs were of that bubs however....big boofas they're gonna be!!!!

    All the best for Friday....let us know how it all goes

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