thread: Gestation Diabetes - What was it like for you?

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    Jun 2003

    Gestation Diabetes - What was it like for you?

    For those of you who have suffered from GD I thought it would be great if you could share your stories with others. It might help those recently diagnosed or high risk.

    When did you find out? Did you have any symptoms? Did you have to make any changes to your diet, if so did you find that hard? Where you on any medication or any other type of treatment? How long after birth did you find things went back to normal?

    Thanks guys!


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    justthinking Guest

    Hi! I developed gestational diabetes at 19 weeks and was put on insulin. I also developed high blood pressure at the same time! (I was 42).

    The GD meant:
    Blood Sugar Level tests - at every meal, 2 hours after and before bed
    Insulin injections - at every meal and a different type before bed
    Food regularly - the lower GI the better
    Doctors frowning about everything at every visit
    A special team of doctors in the operating theatre expecting a large baby with undeveloped lungs

    I was hooked up to insulin in the morning, had a caesarian and tested a little later and the GD vanished the second i had my beautiful healthy normal daughter - 6lb10! Praise God!

    What was really good was - no more BSL tests, no more insulin and no more eating every 2 hours!!!! The disappearance of GD meant i no longer had to remember to do about 14 things a day!

    Hope this helps, JT

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    mum1972 Guest

    I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabeties around the 24 week of my pregnancy I ended up having to see a dietician and also the community health centre nurse gave me a blood sugar level tester so I could keep and eye on my levels ,if my blood sugar level was to go over 8 I had to go back to the doctors ,it never did and nothing happened after my son's birth all was back to normal.