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    Aussie_Chik Guest

    Gestational Diabetes

    Hi there

    Anyone out there been diagnosed with gestational diabetes?

    I had my first Glucose tolerance test and it came back that I had slightly high blood sugar levels. I now need to go and have a second test.

    Just wondering what the chances are that I will be diagnosed with having gestational diabetes, has anyone had a high reading the first time and ok the second?

    I am trying to improve my diet but don't really know where to start except cut out obvious sugar foods. Any suggestions from those in the know?

    Alos I'd like to hear of any stories of complications for mother and/or baby. I know the baby could be born big making labour difficult and causing added delivery problems for baby but have also read about babies being born with low blood sugar levels and being at higher risk of obesity later in life.

    Any info you might have would be appreciated.

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    Aussie_Chik Guest

    Thanks Kate

    Just reposted in that topic - saw it too late! #-o

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    Hi Aussie - chik

    Welcome to Belly Belly, I see Kate has given you the advice you require.

    I gather having had the GD test your into your 3rd Tri, come and join us but be warned it can get very busy in there and extremely hard to keep up.

    By the way my name is Deeanne, I`m 30 weeks pg and expecting a little boy on 27th April. I hope to see you in 3rd Tri.

    Take Care


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    Aussie_Chik Guest

    Thanks Deanne

    I just hit the third trimester yesterday so I'll check out that post. Look out for me!

    Guess what, you and I share the same wedding date, year and all - how funny!

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    Hiya Aussie_Chik!! :wave:

    Just wanted to welcome you to BellyBelly

    Hope you get all of the answers you are looking for! (I'm sure you will!)

    Looking forward to seeing you around

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    There is also an article on the main BellyBelly site about Gestational Diabetes that you might find interesting. It can be found by clicking Gestational Diabetes

    Hope it helps