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Thread: Gestational Diabetes - Looks like i have it

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    Artechim - im assuming it was - i really have no idea! on the 2nd test they did 3 Blood test but my OB only gave me the result of 5.1!
    When u had to go on a drip while in labour - did u have any previous side effects?

    Lately i have been feeling light headed and a bit woozy now is this pregnancy or GD related?

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    I didn't have any side effects, wouldn't have even known that I had it if not for the tests. I did have some hypo episodes, but they usually only happen if you are messing with insulin and don't eat enough. Very unpleasant.

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    I'm guessing that 5.1 number is a lab result, whereas the other numbers are from a finger ***** test? They will differ in ranges, as they use different testing methods. For example, my average morning readings using the home glucose monitor were around 4.9, however when I had a blood test that week the lab came back with 3.9 - so big difference.

    Has anyone out there had to take large amounts of insulin to control fasting levels, but be able to diet control during the day? My evening insulin dose has gone from 8 units initially when I was diagnosed at 14 weeks to 36 units right now, at almost 24 weeks. I'm starting to get some high readings on good food - like the other day I got an 8 1 hour after eating a 220g tin of baked beans and 20 grams of tasty cheese. I've been eating this for lunch all the time without any problems. Frustrating to say the least! I'm just trying to get to week 30 before having to go on daytime insulin, not sure if I'll make it though

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