thread: beanie bears

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    Apr 2007
    gold coast

    beanie bears

    does anyone collect them?

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    Oct 2008
    In a Nice Safe Space

    I sell them in my shop. They are really popular. Did you have a particular question?

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jul 2008
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    Can you get special dates or is that too hard?
    I would like to get some but the years are 1983 & 86

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    Oct 2008
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    5 new Beanies are released on the 1st of every month. Then they are randomly retired. Some quicker than others. The only way to get the ones from those dates it to try ebay. Sorry. That's the beauty of the way this company markets their product. The Beanies become really hard to find and actually quite valuable. Good Luck with your search and sorry I couldn't help.

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    Apr 2007
    gold coast

    no questions just seeing if anyone else collects them.

    DH said to me the other night that prob once we get a far few the fad will be over but it has been going for so long now. well them being valuable for the hard to find ones

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    DoubleK Guest

    i have a couple from when i was about 15-16, and was thinking of collecting them for DD.. i think they're gorgeous!

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    Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

    Jan 2005
    Funky Town, Vic

    Oh man we have about a hundred, all about 8 years old now. I quite like the little fellas.

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    Jun 2005

    My DD#1 ADORES them...she only has 5, but every time we go to the shops she asks for a beanie kid....i didnt know they had been around for years.....

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    Nov 2005
    Langwarrin. Victoria

    We used to collect them...had about 500 or so in mint condition....sold them all off to pay for IVF....made over $10,000 when we sold them off......

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    May 2006
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    I have a few from my collecting days...I'm not sure if it's still cool but I even have 'bones' mutation :-)

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    Dec 2007
    Adelaide, SA

    My DD has over a hundred of the little things. She has a couple of mutations too still with the little bags they came in.

    She has a couple that she plays with and the rest sit on a shelf in her room.