thread: Crusing with kids

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    Crusing with kids

    Has anyone gone on a cruise with kids? We went on a cruise for our honeymoon and dh and i just fall in love with cruising and have been wanting so desperatly to go on another. Our DD is 4.5 so I know she can go to the kids club unsupervised and I am sure she will be fine but DS is 2 and he can not attend the kids club unless a parent stays with him. So I am wonderingif it will be worth going.

    If anyone has or knows of kids that went on a cruise did the kids get sea sickness? where the parents just stressed the whole cruise worrying about one of the kids falling overboard? Is it worth going on a cruise with kids or should we wait until there teenagers and then go alone lol?

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    Jan 2006

    I went aboard ship with my parents when me and Sis were 4 and 2. It was doable. No kids club in those days, Sis and I were the only children so had very high standards drilled into us.

    Seasickness... those seasickness bands are fantastic. Get some. We never got seasickness - when you're younger it's easier to adapt to the movement of the ship so long as there aren't any of those ghastly stabilisers on the thing - so can't comment there. If your children drive you batty too often or don't listen to safety things (ie won't hold hands while crossing the road type of thing) then I'd probably worry about falling overboard too. I know my mum was very paranoid about it. But not too stressed, she did enjoy herself too.

    DH doesn't like ships whatsoever so my cruising days are over for now, but I'd go with DS even though he's a handful. There's so much to learn on a ship! I learnt all my astronomy on a ship off the coast of Aus and NZ - so pretty useless in the UK as I don't know our stars as well as I do yours LOL.

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    LOL ill come and house sit for ya... kids and all hehehehehe

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    I think cruising is great for families. There are heaps of things to do, kids clubs and all inclusive costs so you do not need much spending money. It is also very safe and most of the big ships these days have stabilizers so they don't rock around too much.
    I would go for it!!

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    What age do they have to be before you don't need to be with them?
    If it's soon why not wait a year then go.