thread: Dubbo - Western plains Zoo

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    May 2008
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    Dubbo - Western plains Zoo

    Ok fellow BB members,

    We are thinking of taking our 13 mnth old to Western Plains Zoo. It will involve a 2 1/2 hr drive from where we are. I am thinking it is going to be too much for our little guy but Dp thinks he will be right He also said that we will go and come back in 1 day, I really think we should stay overnight as I think doing it in 1 day will be too much.

    So are we crazy? has anyone else been? what are your suggestions?

    Thanks in advance

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    Oct 2005
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    I've been there. But without the girls!

    I would HIGHLY reccommend it. Make a day of it though cause it does take a while to get around it.

    We were going to go down for Christmas last year but DP's family decided to come up to us. A visit to Dubbo Zoo was definately on the agenda. We will get down there soon!

    But yes, I think it would be great for your little man! Esp if he is a real animal kid.

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    Dec 2008

    I live at least an hr drive from anywhere and never had any probs with the kids in the car at that age. Granted they were used to it. Maybe make some snacks and take toys for the drive. YOu'll probably find he will be asleep all the way home after a day at Dubbo Zoo. Have fun! I've always wanted to go there.

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    I would not go if we were doing it in 1 day. We went two weeks ago and we are a little over 3hrs from the zoo. We stayed at SIL's place at Peak Hill the night before so we could get an early start and we stayed in Dubbo that night as I knew by the end of the day DS would be completely over being put in and out of the car. We arrived at 10am, saw every exhibit and we were done by 4.30 - so it's a HUGE day and not something I would recommend you do if you don't want an amazingly overtired toddler ROFL. We did a combination of driving and walking (YOu can drive your own cars around). And you are seriously knackered after walking around all day too, so it's not only the kids, but also you and DH having to drive home after and entire day out.

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    May 2008
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    thanks for your replies ladies it has really reassured me and we are going to go, just to sort out the details. Should be fun.