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Thread: A good holiday destination with a 15 month old (Warm and Beachy)

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    Default A good holiday destination with a 15 month old (Warm and Beachy)

    DH won a $2500 travel voucher from work, it expires in a few months so we need to get cracking and book a holiday.

    DS is currently 15 months and we are looking to travel maybe Sept/Oct/Nov, probably about 7 days. We dont have a heap of spending money to add (maybe $1500 - 2K tops), so thinking something 'all inclusive' or similar

    We want a relaxing holiday, lots of lazing around while keeping DS amused at the same time (Yeah Right!! LMAO)

    Any recommendations / idea's on where to go that is toddler friendly (DS is still crawling, not sure if he'll be walking or not)


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    Bunbury, Western Australia


    Coral bay, Exmouth!
    Best. Place. Ever.

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    We went to bAli with our DS when he was 18 months old.

    But with a baby it would be HEAVEN !!!!

    Our total trip for a month didnt even cost over $2000 spending exc. tickets

    These days you can get 7 day package deals for about $800 all inclusive each and they are 5 star resorts
    With cheap shopping
    Great food
    Hot weather
    The beach within walking distance to everything (LOVE KUTA)

    and the Balinese love children and are THE FRIENDLIEST PEOPLE EVER
    Everyone is always happy
    Everything is always cheap (think Beer $1.20, Cornetto Icecream 50Cents and meals for $1)

    I would live there if we could , it was so great we are going back before the end of the year after spending a month there already in April-MAy 2010

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