thread: Hotel down sizing us after we have paid deposit

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    May 2007

    Unhappy Hotel down sizing us after we have paid deposit

    Hi everyone :0)

    Few months back my DH and I organised a family holiday to the goldcoast for this easter weekend. We haven't been on a holiday in ages,We have booked a lovely fully self-contained apartment that is high up with lovely views and airconditioning both in the lounge and master room.

    Well, I rang them yesterday to double check everything, and they tell us we are now on level 3 which is very low, and the apartment has only a/c in the lounge.

    I know the a/c isn't a big issue as it maybe cold due to the weather, but we can't help feeling like we have been short-changed. They tell us they have the perfect apartment for us when we were making the enquiry and after they have taken our deposit, change us to a crappier apartment without notifying us in anyway.

    I am very dissapointed as I compared this place with others at the time and could of booked somewhere else that I would be happy with. The staff arn't very pleasent to deal with either.

    Has this happened to any of you?

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    Mar 2004

    Send them an email with a copy of your reciept for the deposit stating that you would have the better room.
    Tell them that you chose their establishment purely on the basis of the better room and that if they fail to provide the room you will escalate your complaint to the department of consumer affairs. Let them know that you are dissappointed with their attitude and remind them that a dissatisfied customer will always tell more people about their experience than a happy customer.
    Fair Trading : Department of Justice and Attorney-General
    Have a look and see if there is anything still available on wotif etc. If there is you could also go down the path of asking for a refund on the grounds that they haven't delivered what you agreed on and rebook. You could also ask your credit card provider about a refund for non-delivery of services. If they say they would process it for you let the people know that you will get the money refunded by your CC people which means that they will be out of pocket like it or not.

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    May 2007

    brontide, wow, you seem to know what your talking about

    I think the hotel knows how booked out the Goldcoast and Surfers is at the moment, they wernt very helpful. I told them via email that I was dissapointed as I only booked the room with them due to the information given regarding the room we would be staying in, also I did compare with other places and could have gone somwhere else that I would of been happier with.

    They basically brushed it off in their reply and just apologised, I have been looking for somewhere else, everything is practically sold.

    It must make it harder with the Q150 tickets being offered at the moment for QLD residents, theme park tickets are so cheap.

    Thanks for your reply,I have printed out your reply to me, it sounds so professional, going to check out that websight to. cheers