thread: How much did you pay for a holiday to Thailand or similar?

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    Dec 2006

    Look, as much as I love NZ, it's not really the tropical holiday island we all need in winter.
    Perhaps you were more thinking of the white powdery stuff, Onyx.

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    Jul 2011

    I went with my best friend a couple of years ago around mid November for 10 nights. We went with Malaysian airlines and stayed in the Novotel and probably spent about $5000 on airfares, travel insurance, accom, an overnight stay on phi phi island, all the touristy things ie: elephant rides etc, food and shopping. My advice to you is make sure you barter!!! You can get things so much cheaper, and the locals expect it. Hope u get to go, it'll be great!!

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    Apr 2006
    Winter is coming

    By September you would most likely strike warm enough weather up in the far north - beyond Auckland. There are some stunning beaches around, and you can hire a bach off websites like book a bach which can work out pretty cheap.

    Worth looking into, since you can get el cheapo flights.
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    Apr 2008

    We had a lovely trip to Fiji last year for a friends wedding, very relaxed! Most of the resorts seemed very family friendly. We stayed in a five star resort where the wedding was held but there was a lot of nice, cheaper accommodation available. We stayed on Denaru so were able to access supermarkets which helped save $$ I went on a cruise to Vanuatu a few years ago and that was another very relaxed easy going holiday destination, although I would never do a cruise with young kids a flying holiday would be great

    As the others have said beware of pregnancy and travel insurance costs and that vaccinations recommended for travellers in those areas may not be suitable when pregnant. We didn't get vaccinated after speaking to a health travel service and touch wood were fine.

    We also stayed at Paradise resort on the gold coast a couple of years ago which was very family friendly, although not as layer back as Fiji or Vanuatu.

    When we travel now I try and find accommodation with all or some meals included or somewhere with facilities that you can make your own meals, like holiday apartments etc as it can save a stack of money

    Have a wonderful holiday, and passports with babies photos in them are super cute!

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    Oct 2009
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    Wow thanks guys! And thanks MM for doing that for me!

    DD will be 15 months so no probs with airfare. Fiji is sounding good. Honestly, we're not looking for a cultural experience, just to hang around by the beach or pool, buy cheap nick nacs and have a nice time. I have a valid passport but DH needs his renewed and DD needs one. I'd be around 24-25 weeks, so regardless of where I am, going into labour would be a disaster. I'm not worried I will though, and I think we'll be able to find an insurance to cover me.

    We may or may not be receiving a little bit of money in the next month or two, and if we do then we'd love to get away as the 3 of us before Kiefey gets here and just relax. We'll see. It's exciting thinking about it all though!

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    Oct 2006

    where did you go again lovely?
    Novotel Nusa Dua!

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    Thought this might interest you PZ?

    (sorry if Im not supposed to post the link here)

    Sent from the land of "iSomethings" so forgive me for any spelking misstaks
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    Dec 2008

    There's a deal on Spreets today as well.

    It’s the perfect escape for you and your partner, or the entire family, with this at the grand Baan Yuree Resort in Phuket, Thailand!
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    Plus there's room for up to TWO children to stay as well!
    Your deluxe room has Wi-Fi access and LCD TV with satellite channels so you can stay in touch with reality if you need to
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    Minutes away from the nightlife and Junceylon Shopping Centre, with the town of Phuket a short 20km drive away
    It’s a week in Phuket that you’ll find is a welcome package of pure, pampering pleasure!

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    Nov 2008

    Did you end up deciding anything further PZ?

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    Aug 2008

    We went to Thailand for 2 weeks for $2000. It was 2006, so things might have changed a little. We did heaps - some beach lounging (including marriage proposal!) and some exploring, a cooking class, sunrise hikes, touristy stuff in Bangkok. We were without child then, obviously, so we could rough it a bit more, but it was easy to do. Where DH proposed was a beautiful family friendly fairly quiet island. Huge, plenty of tourist facilities, but not that wild vomit-in-the-gutter party type place that other islands are. Really nice.

    I'd also rate Malaysia. A little bit more exxy, but so much easier to get around too.

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    I'm on the Fiji or Vanuatu team - I have been to both those, Bali and Thailand and especially while pregnant, I would be going the shorter flights. I went to the Maldives 13 weeks pregnant which was very long and uncomfortable so any more pregnant than that would be even worse I am sure! Fiji flights are on sale some times, I went about a year and a half ago and paid $200 one way, was very happy! And the flight is only about 4-5 hours from memory? I don't know if I would want to do more than that, but stayed at a gorgeous, beautiful place and lots of blue water and powder sand - just like you'd hope for on a relaxing holiday. You also need to worry less about food and water issues like they have in Thailand and Bali. I was very vigilant in Bali, brushed teeth with bottled water etc but still ended up with an upset stomach by the end of the trip!

    Audax - wow that sounds amazing. What a lucky woman.
    Kelly xx

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    Jul 2009

    We went to Thailand for our honeymoon and that was around $4000. My parents just got back from Bali and payed $2000 for flights, accom, daily breaky etc for the 2 of them. Bali is cheaper and closer. I've been to Bali and Thailand, they're both great!

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    Apr 2008

    We took DD1 to Thailand when she was 2.5 and it was fabulous - it cost around $5000 all up for 2 weeks. We did a lot for that (and a lot of shopping). The flights were 8 hours and a bit fraught as DD1 screamed for 2 hours straight on the flight over and we couldn't work out why

    Have you looked at the Northern beaches in FNQ? We had the most awesome holiday in Trinity Beach and it was only a 3hr flight, which suited DD2 much better as she was about 2.5 as well.

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    Nov 2006

    You will have to get needles wont you for your dd to travel to some places...this was a big reason why we didn't go to Thailand this yer with family.
    Why not just fly up to cairns or whitsundays if you are just wanting to lie on a beach? Cape tribulation is amazing!

    Hope you get the holiday Hun you guys deresve it xx

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    Apr 2008

    Oh yeah - we all had to have Hep A vax for Thailand. DD1 was not impressed!

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    Nov 2010

    If you come to cairns I know a certain BB family you could visit

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    Aug 2010
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    We travel very cheap.
    Had a week in Bali in Feb, budgeted $1k for the trip, including flights, but ended up spending an extra $200, as DD was too out of sorts to sit properly in the local cafes, so we mainly ate in the western places which had highchairs, but cost 2/3 times the price!