thread: long flight to europe with 3 month old baby

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    Jul 2008

    long flight to europe with 3 month old baby

    I am going to europe with a 3 month old baby along with my husband, parents and sisters, so plenty of help. I am currently breastfeeding, expressing and also using formula to top up as not enough milk.

    Our flight is 21 hours in total with 2 stopovers for an hour. So i really want to plan for it as this will be our biggest hurdle. We are traveling to about 5 countries in europe, starting in frankfurt, by motorhome. That should be convinient for baby.

    Can anyone offer some advice? how do i use formula in the plane, in terms of boiling water etc. the week before i go i was thinking of pumping and storing alot of breastmilk just for the plane trip, will it be easier than preparing formula?

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    Jan 2008

    Hi there.

    You wont be able to take lots of breatmilk on the plane, they have hot water, boiling water etc on the plane.. BUt through security there is a limit to what you can take in regards to liquids and everyone is differenet. I have been told 4 differnt things so take sachets of formula with you much easier. Breastfeed when you can and then top up so you dont loose your supply.