thread: Mauritius? - Anyone been?

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    Jun 2005

    Question Mauritius? - Anyone been?

    Well we are thinking of going to Mauritius for a resort holiday with the kids in a few months time. Has anyone been? All of the resorts look fantastic and just what we want ie a bit of sun and lots of relaxing, but is there much to do in Mauritius eg day trips? Shopping is not high on the agenda so am not fussed about that.

    Any suggestions welcome please?

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    Jan 2007

    Haven't been but a friend got married there recently. Loved it, and they did a few 'adventure' things like 4-wheeler driving.. not sure how that would work with kids tho!!

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    Apr 2007

    havent been.. but WOULD LOVE TOO!!!

    a friend went for her honeymoon and loved it.. some resorts would cater for children!!

    and cater for mummy and daddy time also!!

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    Oct 2006

    I have been and it was awesome!! We stayed at the Sugar Beach Resort which was beautiful. We did a day trip to Port Louis and wandered through the markets but you can do all sorts of adventure day trips - 4wd, etc.

    The west coast has better weather than the east coast. The resort we stayed at catered for kids, they had a kids club and provided activities so adults could have some time to themselves.

    Mauritius is fantastic

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    Sep 2007
    Sunny QLD

    My hubby was born in Mauritius. He says it has clear blue water and lovely white sand on the beach. He wishes that his family never moved to Australia he would love to move back there. He has not visited there since we have been together but we will go hopefully soon.

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    Jun 2005

    Ooh its sounding good - thanks for the tip Laranna about the weather - will have to check where exactly the resorts we are looking at are located.

    I dont mind spending a bit of time in our resort but I would also like to get out a bit hence the thinking behind the day trips.