thread: South East Asia while pregnant

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    Jan 2010

    I went to Bali when I was 5 weeks pg with Miss P. I had not problem - just use your common sense... and have a great time!

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    Dec 2011

    Hi Aimes,

    I just wanted to wish you and awesome holiday! I am currently pregnant with twins - and went to Phuket when I was 11 weeks pregnant for a week. I went with my DH and 3GS old and 10 yr old. We did 4 days in Phuket and then 4 says at Phi Phi Island. We had an absolutely amazing trip. I didn't get sick - made sure all the food I ate was very hot (temperature not spice - although I ate my fair share of spicy food as well) and only drank bottled water (including teeth brushing). I think you'd be fine assuming your staying in a decent hotel and don't eat off the streets!

    We spent a week in bali as well - when I was 18 weeks (I'm currently 26.5 w) - no problems there either, but like AmyjB I go there often and am pretty familiar with where I eat...

    I have no regrets about either of these trips - my OB was supportive of me going health wise. In hindsight - perhaps it was risky from a travel insurance perspective. We had full travel insurance - but I wouldn't have been covered had I personally have needed to use it. Overseas travel when pregnant with twins is almost impossible to get insurance for, an IVF pregnancy is tough as well. Touch wood we were lucky we didn't need it.

    I had a 'pregnancy massage' every day while we were on Phi Phi island. - but only after establishing that the masseuse did know the difference from a normal massage (and a sneaky phone call to my OB who said it was fine but not to let them massage my feet just to be on the safe side).

    Have a wonderful trip!

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    Does travel insurance cover you if you're pregnant at the time of travel?

    i hope you have an easy first trimester, to enjoy your trip. I was sick as a dog for the first four months of my preg, i coudln't leave my home, let alone the country at that stage. but everyone experiences pregnancy differently.

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    Normally to be covered by insurance you need to take out the policy prior to finding out you are pregnant. Once you are pregnant it is classed as a 'pre existing medical condition,

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    I am covered but im paying about three times as much for my policy!

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    If you are feeling ok, and keen on seeing Cambodia, i would take the opportunity now cos it won't be as easy when you have a little one. It is an amazing place.

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    Dec 2008

    If you're questioning it and arguing your point with others who are giving logical reasons why you should go, then, no I don't think you should travel there while pregnant.

    If it were me, I'd be there in a heartbeat - pregnant or not. Once you've got children travelling is much harder and more expensive.

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    Personally, I wouldnt, but then I wont go through security scans or fly when pregnant, due to possible radiation exposure. It all depends on your level of paranoia. Mine is obviously extreme.

    You weigh up the level of risk you're comfortable with against possible risks of a situation and make the best decision for you. For some, that could mean trekking through the Golden Triangle at 20 weeks gestation. For others, it's not driving in Australia in case some idiot runs into you.