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Thread: Strollers and planes?

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    Question Strollers and planes?

    Hi, we're off to QLD for Christmas and I just wondered about taking our Beema Q jogger with us - it says on the website that you can take a stroller, that would be fine wouldn't it? We are staying at a place where we'll be doing a lot of walking on grass, and we won't have a car to get around.

    Any experiences taking a jogger (or even a Beema) on a plane?

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    A friend just too her Phil & Teds on the plane domestic, I took my stroller. I think the biggest pain for her was the bag to get the pram into & that it wasn't handled very nicely... the sun flap came off. My stroller was fine, but I bought it just to travel overseas & it was a cheap stroller with a recline action. With domestic flights you have to check them into oversized baggage at check in, so make sure you have something to hold them in like a sling while you wait for the flight. For international flights you can hold onto them until right before boarding.

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    Hi Feathertop
    We just recently took our jogger from bris to adl and it was no worries at all... all we did was tape it up with a long string of masking tape..... just so when they chucked it on the belt it didnt open on them or anything.... there was no damage or anything done to the pram and we had 3 bags, the jogger and a car seat and we didnt even go over the excess luggage! we were pretty happy with that!!
    Then on the way home came back with an extra bag (one of those HUGE red/white stripy ones) and still no excess luggage!! We were wrapped!
    I would suggest taking your car seat too.... if you think its going to rain maybe just cover it with a garbage bag and tape around it so it doesnt get wet... ours got a little damp on the trip home ... was raining when we got back to QLD.... and I dont think its stopped actually :P

    Good luck and enjoy your holiday!!

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