thread: Things to do around philip Island?

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    Feb 2008
    on a journey called life, finding our way home

    Things to do around philip Island?

    Hi everyone,

    we are south west vic and are wanting to get away for a couple of days, I have herd Philip Island is great for the kids. I really want to do some fun things.
    Has anyone travelled on the ferry to get there? I looked into it a while back and thought it was expensive?.

    so any ideas on things you have loved doing there would be great!.


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    Feb 2007

    Fairy Penguins at night
    Seal watching Cruise.
    A Maze N Things (exxy tho)
    Choc Factory, yummy choc but pretty exxy.
    The Nobbies- my girls loved it.
    The Koala Centre.

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    Feb 2008
    on a journey called life, finding our way home

    Thanks for the Chesire!, and great accomodation ideas would be handy too. I want to stay somewhere lovely but good for the kids aswell.

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    Jan 2007

    Not sure about the ferry - but all of the above plus Churchill Island!!!! Kids loved it, also pelican feeding in San Remo which is free.

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    Feb 2007

    We love the Island! Never caught a ferry there though, so no idea on costs. There is so much to do, Cheshire mentioned lots of them. The main town Cowes has lots of shops and cafes too. The fish and chips at San Remo are awesome . You can do lots of trips to the popular surf beaches too - Cape Woolamai and Smiths beach are great surf beaches, but there are plenty of others.

    For accomodation - do you want to stay in a hotel or holiday park? There are heaps around. I'd try and choose one in Cowes, close to the shops and beach so you don't always have to drive somewhere

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    Feb 2007

    Depending when you go, you could just drive around & find some cute little beaches. That is always fun.

    You could also drive a bit further out & go to Wonthaggi, Inverloch. They have some awesome beaches.
    There is a beautiful beach in Cape Patterson with rock pools that kids love.

    Not sure about accommodation sorry,

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    Jan 2005
    Down by the ocean

    I think all the activities are covered i think but I'm sure you can add pony rides and surfing lessons in there also.

    I'm not sure about this time of year, but in school holidays and warmer times they have minimum nights stay so be prepared for that.

    It's damn freezing in these parts ATM so your enjoyment of the mostly outdoor activities may be reduced if you're coming down this way soon. I couldn't think of anything worse than watching the penguin parade right now

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    Jun 2007
    Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne.

    a great place to stay with kids is the eco resort opposite the wildlife park. they have a great playground and pool area (with happy hour for the adults)

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    Jul 2007

    Churchill island is awesome kids loved it!!
    Chocolate shop
    Koala sanctury

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    Feb 2008
    on a journey called life, finding our way home

    Thankyou everyone the ideas are fantastic,
    Raven we are not far from warrnambool so its cold here aswell.
    I would like to stay in a nice resort or something like that?

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    Jul 2008

    We love Phillip Island!! Some days we just go there and drive around and find different things to stop and look at - so many things to see and do that aren't advertised..

    I don't have any recommendations for accommodations - we stayed at one place but the name escapes me now which had an all you can buffet breakfast - the kids loved this the most I think!!!

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    Feb 2006
    Mornington Peninsula, Vic

    We stayed in the silvetwsyer resort all good