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Thread: Travelling to Asia with a 3 month old

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    Default Travelling to Asia with a 3 month old

    My husband are I are returning to Australia next year when our baby is 3 months old. We would like to do a 3 week holiday on the way back, most likley somewhere in Asia. We're thinking Thailand or Vietnam.

    We will speak to a health professional before we make any decisions but was wondering if anyone has been in this situation and what are your thoughts.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

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    we were contemplating India at the end of the year with our little one (although he will be 18 months then so a little different) in the end we decided against it as we have chosen to selectively vaccinate and didn't think his little immune system was up for it just yet. However had he been your baby's age I would have done it for sure! They are much easier to take around at that age especially if you wear them in a sling and all they need is milk. Even handier if you are breastfeeding (milk on tap and boosted immunity from any nasties!).

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