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Thread: Where to go with kids? Club Med?

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    Default Where to go with kids? Club Med?

    I will be having a biggish birthday in a couple of years and am researching where to go as my family will be going as well (there will probably be around 20 of us inc kids).

    I am not a good in the air on on a boat so it has to be somewhere maybe about 5 hour flight away. I was thinking Club Med Lindeman Island so everything is paid up front. Has anyone been and what did you think? Kids club?

    I'm not too interested in going to Indonesia or Fiji. Has anyone been to New Caledonia/Vanuatu? There are too many places to choose from but am focussed on the kids having some kind of entertainment as well. We will have 8 kids 10 and under. I am such a planner and get very excited for holidays.


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    We went to Club Med Malaysia when I was 12, my older sister 14 and my little sister 7yrs old.

    We all had the best time and loved being in the circus school there. WE never saw our family as we were always keen to practise with our instructor and then got to perform in a show at the end of the week in front of all the resort guests!

    Great place for adults and kids.

    Good for sociialising for adults as well as you can sit at a big table and other people can come up and sit with you or you can sit at a smaller table if you dont want to socialise.

    Not to long on a plane to get there either.

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    Thanks Bella. I looked briefly at the Malaysian Club Med but will have more of a look. I'm glad to hear you had an excellent time in the circus school as I'm sure this is where most of the kids would be hanging out. Although having said that, I would love to spend time with the girls and do activities with them as well.

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    From memory Vanuatu is really expensive. No idea how Lindemann is these days, it used to be awesome.

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    Vanuatu is expensive unfortunately but I would have liked to check out a different culture.
    I haven't been to the great barrier reef yet and is on my list of things to see so Lindeman was a perfect opportunity. Hopefully it is still awesome.

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    It's a shame you don't want to go to Fiji because the Fijians just loooooove kids!!! They spoil them over there.

    Good luck deciding.

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    Shanti, I have heard that lots. It's not like I don't really want to go but DH isn't interested in going and neither are a few of my family members. We're not going to please everyone though with the destination we pick. My mum will turn 60 the same year so we are having a combined '100th' party family holiday. A few of my friends have been to Fiji and their photos are amazing. Hmmmm, maybe I'll get some lovely brochures together and do some research to help change their mind. On the plus side it's only about a 4 hour flight.

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    I have done New Cal and Lindeman.
    We loved Lindeman and did it last December. Awesome for the kids, lots of activites, alcohol already paid for Don't have to leave if you don't want to or otherwise there are lots of daytrips on offer. For DS (who was under 1 at the time) they had a cot/changetable/sterilizer/bottle warmer/baby food all set out in the room. It is a bit old but really well cared for. There are LOTS of stairs though so be prepared lol.
    New Cal was a bit average. It was old and badly cared for.

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    I've done a lot of travelling and was a travel agent for a while too. I've been to The Whitsundays, Fiji and Vanuatu I'd recommend Fiji over Vanuatu any day. We stayed at an all inclusive resort in Vanuatu for 5 days in January 2009. It was great value and the food was fantastic but both DH and I personally think Fiji is nicer (although they are both beautiful places) but the Fijians are definitely more friendly. Neither are that expensive to be honest, especially if you book an all inclusive resort. You would save on airfares though if you stayed in Australia.

    Club Med's get a really good rep for keeping families happy and busy but the last I heard and read about Club Med Lindeman, it was a bit old and tired. Check out a few travel forums for recent feedback. I often use the Trip Advisor website - it has up to date reviews and lots of good info.

    DH's sister is a travel agent at Flight Centre, has been for 11 years. She went to Club Med Cherating Beach (Malaysia) last year with work and loved it. She has done A LOT of travel over the years and knows the industry so I highly regard her feedback.

    I hope that helps! Have fun planning!

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