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Thread: Who is your favourite airline carrier?

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    Default Who is your favourite airline carrier?

    Domestic i always fly Jetstar or Virgin Blue

    International i prefer Air New Zealand

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    Singapore Airlines is good, I heard British Airways is great too. I usually go Virgin, heard too many bad stories on Jetstar. We have used Pacific Blue too (Virgin) and they were great too. I think John likes Air NZ, I haven't used them tho.
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    I refuse to fly jetstar - they are owned by qantas and I want to encourage competitors to give us more variety and lower prices lol.

    I like Singapore Airlines, Qantas and Virgin Atlantic for o/s.

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    Wow ive never heard a bad thing about Jetstar!

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    well i work for one of them.. so they are MY fav! lol

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    I always try to fly virgin, I just prefer it. I also like the fact that I can order my yummy hot choc & last time I flew qantas you had to have a set menu with coffee or tea, dont know if thats changed....

    Internationally I liked British airways, but I've never had a problem with any of the international airlines I've used, I'd use any of them again (& hopefully will one day!! LOL)

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    I work for one of them too - so they are my favourite!!!

    Go team Blue!

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    Jetstar or Qantas seem to be the most used by us, family and friends.
    Although we normally shop around for a good price.

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    whoever has the best deal lol.
    Virgin generaly seems to hit the mark with freindly service and I quite like Emirates but TBH on a long haul flight they're all uncomfortable...

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    Singapore Arlines for me. I think i've travelled on most of the major airlines and I have found the asian ones are the best. Singapore, followed by Cathay then JAL

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    smiles4u Guest


    If Qantas can get me there I then fly Qantas overseas

    ... Last time I flew overseas my lovely Dad saw me off at the airport & I joked that I only fly Qantas cause they haven't crashed yet Well, Dad's words were " Knowing my luck, it would be my daughter who would bring one down " (Dad's got a dry sense of humour )

    Cathay ... Shocking experience with them ... Never go with them again

    Last few years have gone Virgin, ... Haven't tried Jetstar yet as my sister had a very bad experience with them ... Put me off

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    morgan78 Guest


    Internationally - loved Royal Brunei & JAL did not like qantas but then i last used them about 12 years ago.

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    Internationally I love Emirates - they have FANTASTIC service compared to the others and the goodies that they give the kids to keep them entertained are outstanding, they even take photos of the kids on board as a souveneir. Food is yum and the tv/entertainment is great too, so many choices.

    I find Qantas staff internationally cannot be bothered. We use Qantas domestically mainly for frequent flyers as my DH travels a bit for work.

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    carls888 Guest


    we fly virgin domestically as we have had a shocking experience and DH will never fly jetstar again because of it.
    internationally we have flown Qantas BA Thai and singapore.
    i think BA was good, singapore my fave.
    Qantas was ok and Thai had lovely service but i swear their seats are smaller (perhaps it was beacuse i was pregnant last time and felt squashed)

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