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    So my iron blew up yesterday after many years of loyal service and I now need a new one.

    There are so many to choose from and they all look the same to me so hit me with your suggestions about what you have that is or isn't very good!

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    Go for a well known brand. I tried an el chepo and threw it away as it got to hot, to get the picture

    The one I am using is a Philips

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    Hijacking your thread.......

    I need a new iron too!

    I was also looking at the garment steamer - anyone have one of those they could recommend? DH and I both wear suits to work and it would be nice to freshen them up.

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    Yes i would live feedback on steam irons too - DS is going to kinder and I can see I will need to iron his shirts.

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    Tefal Tefal Tefal!!! All the way. My last one lasted 12 years until the cat knocked it off the ironing board and killed it.
    My Tefal heats much higher that the el cheapos so makes ironing quicker and easier. Oh and the shape of the ironing plate means its great for getting into tight corners of clothes.
    Also look at the product review website.
    Good luck!

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    I have a Tefal Express - one of the ones that has the water in a separate base unit thing that stays on the ironing board and feeds steam to the iron through a cord. It makes the iron pretty light and gives fantastic steam. Makes ironing heaps quicker and easier. It was given to me by my old bosses when I left work to have DD1 and I love it - at least as much as any sane person could love an iron! They're not cheap though - about $400 I think - but if you have the money well worth it