I am insured with Just Cars. They are quite inexpensive, I am under 25 and drive a brand new convertible and I pay less than $100 a month... although, I am not happy with the service they provided me with when I was involved in a car accident last year (I wasn't at fault).
My car was purchase for $42k, someone drove into me from behind when I was parked at the lights and pushed me into 2 cars in front causing $30k worth of 'cosmetic damage' to my car alone, and they refused to write my car off because there was no structural damage.
A 12 month old car worth $40k, and they fixed $30k of it instead of simply writing it off. To write it off they would have spent an extra $5k as my car was insured for $35k. They would have saved all the time and money in the labor it cost fixing my car. In the end it probably cos them $35k.
It took them 3 months to fix. 3 months I was left without a car and they didn't provide a hire car either. I had to pay $3k out of my pocket to hire a car on my own which the other guys company refunded when my car was fixed, 3 months later. Not happy