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Thread: Artificial Plants; yay or nay?

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    Default Artificial Plants; yay or nay?

    My mum had these when i was growing up in the 80s and i loathed them, but i've actually seen some very realistic looking modern ones and might be swayed because i have no luck with keeping pot plants alive. (even those lucky bamboo eventually give up on me)

    What do you think? tacky or possibly tasteful?

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    We have a couple of big ones in the patio which look very real. They weren't cheap, between $100-$200 each, but they look great.

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    These days they do look real....but they are expensive....i saw a gorgeous one in Freedom the other day....$120 !!!! Pffftttt i went across to bunnings and got one for $16 ( a real one).
    I think some of them ($2 shop ones) do look tacky...but if your willing to invest, then i think buying the better branded ones will see the results your after......

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    Shalou Guest


    I think sometimes the cheap plastic flowers look tacky but the synthetic ferns and things like that look great.

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