thread: Decorating DS' room...

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    spotlight have awesome rugs!
    There also is some great car mats at toyworld too
    We got boof removable stickers from ebay- we did a Supermario theme
    they were cheap and look great
    will take a pic tommorow and show you at kinder!!!
    can get you the name of the company i got them off but they work great and they show you on the packet how to arrange them on the wall
    Det, pretty sure I bought the same brand as you for DD, and omg the sooooo weren't removable took ages to clean the adhesive off the walls, and the paint is lighter where we had to scrub and scrub. Just a word of warning on the cheap eBay decals.

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    Thanks PZ

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    Oct 2008

    Just had a quick look but I don't think you can see the decals in Moo's room, sorry! But pretty sure they were called 'Clay Aviation' or similar.

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    Im doing my DS's room at the moment in a sports theme. Ikea is awesome! So much cool stuff and ideas
    Bunnings also have some cool light shades and night lights. Reject shops sometimes have some funky knick knacks for decorating ideas.
    If your crafty check out pinterest for ideas, or google image 'boy room ideas' and make your own cheaper knock offs
    I bought a heap of little but different sized and type balls, joined them with fishing line and he has a ball wall border that I think looks pretty cool.
    Markets are wicked but so good too The wooden letters for names, bunting, so many gorgeous but expensive things.
    I have to admit DD's room was easier I had to stop myself but still having fun with DS's