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Thread: Kids bedroom's - where do I start?

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    with DDs room we went with plain walls, a fancy pants wall decal. we also bought a simple wrought iron single bed from ikea and got the ikea canopy net thingy with dots. we are also hunting around for some lovely sheer but fun curtains to go over some dark blockout blinds we are putting in.

    I also reckon that a really nice light fitting can really ramp up a room and make it special IYKWIM.

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    How exciting Dan!!! Bummer about the canvas' - I saw the coolest thing the other day - basically a person took photos of their kids artwork - 9 of them and then they made them really small and put them all on one print and framed it! Looked way cool - will link you if I can find it again!

    As for the green - could you just do a feature wall??? I think the mint green and a brighter green would be great! I also saw some (not cheap :S) but gorgeous mobiles at Adairs kids the other day - a big butterfly one and I think there is a boys one too that is cars?? They have wall stickers as well if you miss out on the ebay ones! Good luck babe!

    ETA: Hopefully this LINK is ok - that is a big scale of the artwork I was talking about! The one I saw was smaller but same principle!
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    Oh Tan that is absolutely gorgeoues!! I'm off to adairs to check their stuff out - woohoo!!! Even better is it is all curtesy of the tax man

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