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Thread: new home flooring & kitchen applicances

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    Default new home flooring & kitchen applicances

    We are building a new house and trying to decide what use as flooring in our living areas - it's come down to two choices either bamboo boards or polished concrete.

    I was wondering if anyone has either of these and pro's / con's.

    Also the kitchen applicances supplied by builder is Euro brand, anyone heard of these/have them? Just curious if they are any good or if I should convince my DH I really need to go and suss out my own stove


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    Sorry hun, don't have either but from a 'warmth' POV I would think the Bamboo would be better. We have floor boards (timber) and tiles and the floor boards are so much warmer under foot.

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    Thanks Rhichichi - we are leaning towards bamboo for the warmth factor plus it has some nice colours/patterns, polished concrete was more for the wear and tear of having a toddler & dog

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