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Thread: Q for a Midwife.

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    Hence why I wrote I don't know how it could be possible true. At the time of writing my above post I did not have the time to go find out what the transfer rate was.

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    About suing midwives, I guess it depends for what - right? My homebirth midwife applied fundal pressure to expel my first baby, because she thought it was dangerous for the baby to be in the birth canal for longer than five minutes. Would I sue her for that? No. Would a hospital birth have been better? No. The outcome was fine, but applying fundal pressure is a dubious practice.

    I don't think suing a homebirth midwife for not being able to do anything in cases where she truly can't do anything, when complications arise. However, causing harm though dubious medical practice is something else, I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meow View Post
    You probably read it in all the recent trash that has been quoted in the papers lately. It's not true at all. The ob who said is quoting birth centre transfers rates saying "50% of first time mothers transfer to hospital" when discussing HB. 50% of first time mothers who are home birthing do not transfer. IMs have their transfer rates and it is less than this.
    Ah. I was wondering about that. I heard the KEMH BC has a 50%-ish transfer rate and wondered if someone had their wires crossed.

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