thread: Implanon questions...

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    Implanon questions...

    I had the implanon put in as the pill simply doesn't work for me, except if i take a super high dose which makes me crazy.

    So i had the implanon put in. Just wondering to those who have had it, how bad was your arm the day after?? Mine bled quite a lot and is badly brusied, which i expected. Pretty sore, also to be expected, i just didn't expect so much blood on the bandage. I haven't taken off the sticky thing yet, too scared!

    Also, how long after having it put in did you notice any sife effects??

    And did anyone have any infections in the arm or any medical trouble after having it inserted related directly to the insertion??


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    Jul 2007
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    When I had mine put in it was quite bruised too. I have an armband tattoo on the under side of my arm and it was that bruised that you couldnt see the tat lol It was sore to touch for about 4 days after and took quite some getting used to i.e the feeling of having it just under the skin. I was told to keep the pressure bandage on as it would help stop the bleeding and minimise bruising( should add I bruise at a poke).
    I haven't noticed any side effects.


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    I've had 2 implanons inserted and no trouble with the insertion of either. I bruise badly from locals so my arm was sore for a least 4 days. It was also itchy for a while - about 2 weeks. I didn't get an infection with either insertion. Make sure you see a Dr if you are concerned.

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