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Thread: Bishop Score and an overdue baby

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    Default Bishop Score and an overdue baby

    I'm 41 weeks and my doctor wants to induce me but my Bishop's Score is 0-1. If we wait another week what are the chances that my Bishop's score will improve? I don't want to get induced with a low Bishop's Score, but my doctor says that because I'm overdue the Bishop's Score doesn't matter.

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    Ive not ever heard of bishops score..what is it?

    You cant be forced to have an induction, tell your OB you would liek to wait. Unless your hospital has a policy about when to have inductions. Its your choice..say No!

    All the best

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    i cant remember exactly my numbers were but i remembver my bishop score was low... pretty much all closed up and no sign of being ready. i was 10 days overdue and booked in for induction, had to use the gel because i wasnt dilated at all and so they couldnt just break waters. anyhoo.... when my DD was born she had a lot of vernix on her and they said that she was probably 39weeks gestation and we had the dates wrong... well no wonder i wasnt showing any signs of labour!! grrrr.

    i would think the bishop score would matter the most when you are overdue...

    you can say that you dont want to be induced, they will probably pressure you though. if you request an ultra sound to check on the health of the placenta and cord etc i think that i would wait at least a week longer.

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    The chances of you having a failed induction with such a low Bishops score is quite high, I'm afraid. The higher your score is to 10 the better you will go.

    You are given points on cervix position, the consistancy of your cervix, effacement, dilation and babies station.

    If I were you personally, I would hold out hun. And your Dr is telling you BS. The Bishops score still matters if you are overdue.

    Goodluck and stand strong.

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    There are huge chances that your score will change, often it changes overnight!

    With Jovie I was 10 days post EDD and my cervix was high & hard (so low score) and the hospital OB kept telling me I needed to have a c/s. I said no that I was going to wait, and 2 days later I went into labour naturally.

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    It sure does matter, overdue or not.
    A score of 0-1 basically means your baby isn't engaged at all, and your cervix probably long, posterior and closed. Your chances of a successful induction like that are bugger all.

    I recently had a client whose Bish. score was 3 at 41 weeks. Three days later it was 7. Then next day she went into labour spontaneously and her baby was born 3 hours after her first contraction.
    It can literally change overnight, or in hours.
    Please do your research into this, if you agree to be induced now (especially if this is your first baby) you'll be very lucky to have a normal birth.

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    I had a bishops score of 3 at 41+3. Then just had another check at 41+5 and had a score of 6. Things can change so quickly at the end and it just shows that things are happening naturally.

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    where do you find out your bishops score? Like, I went to the OB the other day and she gave me some printed out stuff - but not sure if it would be on there anywhere.. only number on there is written like this (if anyone can translate would be great..)
    "VE 1cm x 1cm soft mid pos -3 S & S"

    So I know what the VE means (unfortunately) and S & S (another unfortunately) but the soft mid pos - 3 is not known to me..

    (sorry to hijack thread, just never occurred to me to ask anyone!!)

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