thread: having a choice with induction...

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    Mar 2009

    having a choice with induction...

    hey everyone, im 39 weeks along and getting to the stage where i cant sleep at night and just feeling completely drained and not being able to do anything with myself during the day, do any of you no if i have a choice to get the stretch and sweep done by my doctor to bring on labour sooner? and how effective is it?
    this is my first bub and im really excited about being a mum but i just cant stand being so uncomfortable anymore and not being able to sleep...

    any advise or help is greatly appreciated

    kind regards
    ashleigh aka ayejay.

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    Mar 2004

    TBH I don't know - but all you can do is ask! I have never had a stretch and sweep done before, or even offered to me, so I don't know how effective it is...I *think* that they tend to only do it if your cervix is showing signs of softening and dilating, and you are classed as full term. That's what I've heard at least. Good luck with your last week or so - I know how hard those last few weeks can be, when all you want is for it to be all over. But remember, the longer bub has in there, the better - and the best thing for bub is to come when he or she is ready.

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    I am just guessing here cos I havent had it done... but if you wanted to try it I would think it wouldnt be too big a deal. Cos if it doesnt work there is no big deal really...(someone correct me if that is wrong) but its not like actually rupturing the membranes which then puts you on time restraints and is no a "point of no return" IYKWIM.

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    Most practitioners, including midwives, are happy to do a s&s at 39 weeks +. It is reasonably non invasive, low risk, and can help get things moving if they're about to happen.

    The downside is, you may just end up stirring up uncomfortable, unproductive contractions and making it even harder to rest. Or you might get a big show and get all excited and think "this is it!" only to have everything stop, and then find yourself more despondent and unable to deal psychologically with the fact that you may have another week or ten days to go.

    I know those last days are pretty tiresome to put up with... it might be good to come up with a couple of things you can look forward to each day in order to get through it all. Might I suggest nice long baths with clary sage to help relax you and get you ready, too?

    Your baby will be here soon, one way or another - how exciting!!!