thread: My Induction with ARM only, NO SYNTO needed!

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    Jun 2008

    My Induction with ARM only, NO SYNTO needed!

    ***I posted my birth story in the birth stories section, but thought that it might be more useful here in the induction forum, so sorry if you have already read this!****

    Background information: My DD (now nearly 5) was also induced. I had two lots of gel, Synto, ARM and an epidural and 3 and a half days later she was born. I had to move hospitals in the middle of this, as it was felt that it was highly likely that I might have to have a C Section as my cervix was still hard and closed.
    I found the Synto to be excruciating, especially as I had to have the monitors on at all times and could not really move through the pain, all I could do was lie on the bed.
    This is why I had an epidural on the 4th day, as I could no longer cope with the pain. (The synto was stopped and started during this period due to my transferring between hospitals).

    I still found DD?s birth to be an amazing experience, but I really wished that I had the chance to experience ?natural? contractions, and be given the chance to work through the pain in the shower etc.
    I had lots of trouble breastfeeding DD, and it took 5 weeks before she latched on for the first time (I expressed during this time), and I put this down to the fact that I did not get a lot of one on one time with her straight after birth as she was off being weighed etc, and I vowed to do things a bit differently next time too.

    We decided to start trying for a baby, and I started tracking my cycle. We were very blessed as we conceived on the first cycle!! After having severe morning sickness that required a few hospital visits to have fluids through the drip (this subsided at about 14 weeks), and a severe case of the Flu, everything else went very smoothly and I felt really well. I worked up until about 2 weeks before my due date, and then enjoyed having my time at home with DD.

    Bubs was in a posterior position, and my cervix was softish at my last GP check up on my due date.
    I was really, really hoping that I would go into labour naturally, but low and behold I was 9 days over, and being admitted to hospital to have my first lot of gel. The plan was to have the Gel at 8pm that night, and then have my waters broken the next morning, and then hopefully that would be enough to kick start things. If not, I would have to have the Synto again, something I really, really wanted to avoid.
    When we arrived at the hospital, I had a CTG, but it was a very sleepy trace that kept dropping out, and they were unable to get a trace that was acceptable for them to insert the Gel. My GP decided to see if she could just rupture my waters and see if this was enough to kick start labour, if not, I would have Synto the next day. I was really happy to escape having the Gel!
    She ruptured my waters at 9.25pm, and advised me to walk around for a couple of hours, and then try and get some sleep, as I would have a big day tomorrow. There was lots of gushing on the bed, and after this subsided a little we decided to walk to the tea and coffee room to get some coffee for DH. We just made it into the room when the rest of my waters came gushing out just as we hit the lion, and we had a good giggle together as I stood in the big puddle. One of the midwives came in and had a laugh with us and mopped up the mess.

    DH decided to stay as there was a double bed in the birthing suite. At about 10pm I started to feel some painless tightenings that were coming ten minutes apart as I was pacing the Maternity ward. DH went off to sleep, and at 12am I decided to go to sleep as the tightenings were still painless. At 12.20 I felt a ?popping? sensation, and then had my first painful contraction, which I was able to breath through.
    This continued for the next hour, with the contractions gradually getting closer together. At about 1am I woke DH, and went and got in the shower, as I could no longer just breath through the contractions.
    The shower was bliss, and I was able to work through each contraction by holding the shower head on my lower abdomen. At this stage I did not have any back pain.
    The Midwife, Juliet, came in and could instantly see I was in labour, and she called my GP and put her on standby. She asked if I minded having a student observe the birth, and I told her this was fine, and Sam joined as shortly after.
    I continued to labour in the shower for the next hour or so, with Juliet checking Bub with the doppler every now and then. I found this really annoying (but essential I know!) as I had to get through the contractions while she did this without my trusty shower head! DH sat on a stool in the bathroom with me. I vomited quite a few times.
    I started to feel really, really hot in the shower, as was starting to get increasing back pain (due to Bubs being posterior). I asked to have a bath, but Juliet said she thought that I was already to far along (they do not have water births at the hospital).

    I moved onto the bed, and asked to be checked. Juliet told me that I was 6-7cm dilated, and offered me the gas. I took half a puff, and threw it off the bed as it was disgusting!! Sam held heat packs to my lower back, which was bliss. The contractions started coming hard and fast, and Juliet decided I could have my bath after all, and went and filled it. (It was about 4.30 am by this stage, I think!!)
    Hoping in to that warm water was beautiful, and I laboured in there for quite a while with DH, Juliet or Sam pressing down hard on my hips during a contraction to help combat the back pain. This really helped. Juliet asked if I had had pethedine before, I managed to answer her and said no. As I was not demanding any drugs, Juliet obviously decided it was best not to offer anything, and did not mention it again.
    Juliet told me that as soon as I had the urge to push I needed to get out of the bath.
    The contractions started to slow down a little (transition!!) and I gradually yelled out that I needed to push!
    Juliet got me straight out of the bath, and I moved back to the shower, with DH right in the shower with me this time (I had him pinned to the wall!). Juliet rang my GP to let her know I was in transition.
    The urge to push slowly increased, and my GP arrived at about 6.15am. I gave a few little pushes leaning over the basin, and my GP then asked me if I would like to move to the bed as it might be a little more comfy!

    Juliet and my GP positioned a bean bag on the bed for me, and I leant over this on all fours, burying my face in it during the contractions!
    The contractions became less painful, and it felt fantastic to push!
    All I was focusing on was DH?s voice telling me how well I was doing, as well as the voice of my GP telling me ?well done, that?s really good?.
    I started to feel the familiar burning sensation, and could feel bubs head getting closer. I started yelling that ?I can?t do this? when the burning became too much, but with the reassurance from DH and my GP, I kept pushing hard, determined to get this bub out! I was pushing twice with each contraction, and this worked really well for me.
    The burning became really intense, but the pushing was quite satisfying, and I pushed bubs head out, yelling and grunting a lot while I did!!! The relief was instant, and I took a deep breath knowing that I was nearly there.
    I buried my head in the bean bag and just rested for a moment, with everyone telling me how well I was doing. (DH told me it looked quite funny with a head sticking out of me! He said as soon as the head emerged, I just stopped like I was just going to leave bubs sticking out of me forever!).
    I gathered my energy and focused on the job at hand, and on the next contraction I pushed with all my might, and at 7.12am out come our beautiful Son!! (My GP later told me that his bottom was actually the hardest part to get out!).

    My GP passed him through my legs, and I gathered him up on my chest after checking to see what he was! I was soo happy to have a little boy. I sat there cuddling him for ages while he was still attached via the umbilical cord, with DH peering over my shoulder. We were both crying tears of joy! When the cord stopped pulsating, DH cut the cord, and I gave Bubs his first feed. I delivered the placenta during this time.

    I finally decided that I could let bubs go long enough to be weighed, and everyone in the room was stunned to discover he weighed 11pds 2 oz!!! I was euphoric to think that I delivered him with no drugs, and was so proud of myself. I was blissfully happy to have had the labour of my choice with lots of water labouring, and NO SYNTO!

    I handed him to DH and hopped in the shower, with the student helping me. I had a small tear, and my GP decided to wait until the next day to stitch this.

    About an hour after his birth we called my Parents etc, and my Mum bought DD straight in. We wouldn?t tell them the sex, and made them find out for themselves when they arrived. About 4 hours later, after visits from my Parents, FIL and my Grandparents, DH went home to have a sleep.
    Just after he left, I suffered a major PPH. Luckily my brother turned up at this time, and he took DS out of the room and looked after him while the nurses hooked me up to the drip etc. I lost over a litre of blood, but my HG tests proved to be okay, and I escaped having a transfusion.

    I recovered really well, and by night fall was drip free, and my tear was stitched the next day. This was painless.

    I am so happy to have gone into labour naturally after the ARM. Being able to labour in the water was amazing. It was a beautiful experience, and I still get shivers thinking about it!

    We finally measured DS?s length on the 3rd day, and it turns out he was 59.5cm!!!!!!!
    I am still a bit lethargic after the PPH, but I am taking a double dose of Iron, and this is helping!

    Anyway, sorry for the long story, but I want this as a record for myself!
    Thanks for reading!

    11pd 2 oz.
    59.5cm in length.
    38m head circumference.
    Agpar 9.
    Labour: 6 hours 52 minutes from first contraction.

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    Thank you so much for posting your wonderful story. I am being induced in less than a week and it's nice to read a positive account. Thank you!