thread: My Induction Birth with drip, monitoring & epi. Very Positive

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    Smile My Induction Birth with drip, monitoring & epi. Very Positive


    I just wanted to share my very positive expierence with induction as I know it tends to get the bad rap which must put a lot of women who are facing one under a lot of worry and concern.

    This is the birth details of my second child (Claudia).
    I was in my 37th week when my bp was starting to increase around 150/100 and since my previous birth (which was natural) bp became a problem in the final weeks and my son was born distressed, it was advised and agreed upon to be induced.

    I was admitted the night before the induction to insert the gel but upon checking my cx was already 3cm dilated so I was told I could either go home or stay. Since I was settled in and hubby was staying the night (we had a dbl bed) we decided to stay. The next morning at 8am a drip was inserted and let me say I was more scared of the drip than the labour but it didn't hurt one bit! Although my ob was fantastic about it and used a local before hand. My ob was keen for me to have a epidural due to my blood pressure which was at 150/110 resting. I wasn't keen on the idea so he agreed to take blood and if the results came back ok I would go without but unfortunately the results weren't good and was advised that I could end up with a emergency c/s so I agreed with the epidural. Once again there was no pain at all, the dr preforming it was wonderful which I know helped with my nerves.

    So at about 8.30 I was all set, the drip was started and within a few minutes the contractions started full on and so the epidural was then started. After 2.5hrs later the epidural was turned down and I felt the overwelming urge to push and delivered painfree, stitch free my beautiful daughter weighing 6lb 5oz with scores of 9 & 9.

    I was then unhooked from the monitor (which I had no problem with as I liked the sense of knowing my baby was ok during labour), quick change of towels etc and served a late breaky still in bed, afterwhich I had a shower and we walked back to our room with our girl.

    3 hours in total.

    I just wanted to share this with some of you who may of only heard the not so pleasant stories out there. I wish you all the best with your labour and am so jealous.. I love babies! (its when they turn 3 and writes on the walls etc etc I'm not so keen on!! LOL).

    Thanks for reading!

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    Diamond - thanks for sharing your story. I'm booked in for my induction (first child) next Tuesday and I am so nervous! Your story does present a positive side to it so thank-you!!

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    Thanks for sharing your story. I have had a bad induction and a fantastic one
    Its good to hear a nice story. Thanks again

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    Great story - so pleased it went well for you.

    We too had to be induced with our first due to prexclampsia and it went really well for a first birth as well. We had ARM (already 4cm) which started contractions and then the drip which did kicked them up to 2mins apart but the pain was not unbearable and with a little gas and some help with positioning while pushing our little boy was born 5 hrs after the induction was started.

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    Diamond and Saram, just wanted to say thanks for sharing your positive induction experiences. I've been browsing the forum this afternoon after OB said this morning he will likely induce in 3 days (I'll be 38wks 6 days) due to increasing blood pressure. I'm disappointed as I've been doing lots of preparation in the hope of a natural, drug-free and intervention-free birth. Reading your stories at least helps to reduce some of the fears I have around Syntocinon/epidurals and other interventions. Thanks.

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    Thanks for the positive story, I find out on the 1st of Feb if I will need to be induced due to low levels of amniotic fluid.

    My DS was also induced and his birth went well, unfortunatly things went bad when it came time to deliver the placenta (but don't know that this was related to induction).

    Thanks Again!!!

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    Feb 2010

    Thanks so much for sharing positive stories everyone! I am 36 weeks preggers with my first, due to be induced at 38 weeks cos of GD... At my birth classes the midwife was very against inducement and kept telling me how horrible the experience will be for me - NOT HELPFUL!! I was excited to find out that I would be induced early as I am so ready for this to be over with.... I want some real food lol!