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Thread: Almost 2 week old feeding CONSTANTLY - normal?

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    Default Almost 2 week old feeding CONSTANTLY - normal?

    Hey everyone.
    Just have a quick question. My little man is feeding on the hour and having nothing but nanna naps. Up until now he is been good. Feeding .. sleeping a hour at least!! Im worried that im not producing enough milk for him.. as he is wanting SO MUCH SO OFTEN. Last night even wanted second helpings.. taking the second boobie aswell!!!
    Is this NORMAL? Should I worry?

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    This is SO so so normal hun :hugs:

    Right on about 2 weeks babies have a growth spurt and breastfed bubs will feed and feed and feed until you feel like your boobs are going to fall off. Because breastfeeding works on a supply and demand principle, he is feeding constantly to stimulate your breasts so that they make enough milk to meet his requirements over the next month or so when he will be growing like a weed! Often they will also go through another period of the same behaviour around the six week mark as well.

    Don't worry, your supply is fine - what bub is doing is exactly what he should be to make sure that it is Keep your fluids up, and try to get as much rest as you can. Usually this will settle down after a few days, just feed him as much as he wants.
    Your doing a wonderful job, big pat on the back for you! Hang in there its' all worth it.

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    Tell me, what was his birthweight? What does he weigh now? How long does he stay on each breast for? Tell me a bit about his wet and dirty nappies? Quantity? Colour?

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    DIDO to what Tobily said
    I think thats why i asked if you were turning the TV on in the middle of the night! as the feeds get more and more and once your supply kicks up a notch after all this you will hopefully notice him sleeping longer and feeding longer on each boob...
    For me it was chuck the TV on and watch the pro active commercial 3 or so times, both sides on the boobies and back off to bed with us both after about an hour ... at about 6-7 weeks was when he was only waking up once in the night at about 3am after going to bed about 9:30ish..... Of course we are all different and so are our babies But hopefully he will be a chilled out little man once he gets used to the world a bit more.


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    My little man hit 2 weeks yesterday and today has been wanting a feed pretty much hourly as well. Last night we'd do nearly 20 mins each breast then sleep for an hour, then went again!

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