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Thread: Any cosleepers here?

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    Default Any cosleepers here?


    when did your babe stop marathon feeding cos you're right there on tap? i read in an AP book that they feed more frequently the closer to dawn you get and that is certainly true here.

    plus, he's a bad snuffler and uses a snack/feed to clear his nose.

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    I think it depends on the baby. My elder son woke up every 2 hours like clockwork until he was almost a year old and I was pregnant with number 2 and then he weaned. My younger son slept from through about midnight (when he wakes up for a sook) until he woke up for the day from quite early on.

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    Fire - I definitely find that she is inclined to feed more whilst co-sleeping but I think that is somewhat because every time she stirs the buffet gets put in her face. Have you tried not offering it as such unless he is searching it out? I found that I was overfeeding her because I mistook wind movements for needing more food.

    The marathon feeding is lightening off for us with that realisation. I'd be looking at it as if the buffet only opens every 2 hours to start with and see if it makes a difference to the feeding.

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    Only when he went in to his own bed at 2 years (still in our bedroom though). He was feeding constantly through the night, and only when we made the move did i realise he must have been waking up because i was so close. NOw he only feeds once/twice in the night.

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    I had been really feeling very tired lately because DD seemed to be constantly feeling all night and therefore the quality of my sleep was awful. I was soooo sleep deprived! I thought it was because I was there so anytime she brushed me, she'd wake herself up to get a feed because she can, and not because she really needs it.

    So I have been trying to encourage DD to sleep in her cot, which is up against my side of the bed. Its been a week and she is coming along nicely now, first 3 nights were hellish but if she wakes now and tries to climb to me for a feed, i can put her back in her cot and she whinges for a few minutes and falls back to sleep again. Then at around 8am when she wakes again, I will pull her over and give her a feed because she seems to really need a drink at that time of the morning and I am waking for the day by then so I am rested and dont mind so much. I am so glad DD has gotten the idea of sleeping through the night in her cot so quickly - i thought we were in for a real struggle!

    Having the cot side car style has been convenient for me. Still have her near me and can co-sleep easily and now she is sleeping better during the night, I feel more rested and happier too!

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