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Thread: Bubs looking around a lot during night feeds!

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    Default Bubs looking around a lot during night feeds!

    Is this just a developmental stage?

    For first 4.5 weeks, my bub has had pretty quick night feeds, around 1hour all up to feed, change (if necessary) and resettle. However in the last couple of days, I've been bringing her into bed with me and lying down to feed, and she seems to now want to look around between boobie snacks and stretch and kick a bit before she will take Boob 1 Pt 2 or Boob 2. So the 2am-ish and 5am-ish shifts are lasting 1.5 hours.

    I'm this just a stage or do I need to rethink how I am doing night feeds?

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    Do you have all the lights off?
    Could definitly be time to look at doing this - removing all distractions around her. No eye contact during the night, strictly business!!

    As for the timeframe - Jenna used to take that long to feed and settle anyway, so I'm not much help there.
    At least you are in bed with her,so you can "rest" your eyes if need be.

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