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Thread: Can it be done??

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    Question Can it be done??

    i BF makon at night and he is formula fed during the day as he was going to child care and when i was at work(i work nights) but now he no longer goes to child care i was thinking about bfing him again so he would still have formula 2 nights a week! but bf the rest of the time!

    can i start bfing again (iykwim) how long will it take to get my supply up again? should i start expressing first to get it going or just "chuck him on"?? hehehe

    thanks girls

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    I can't see why you can't try.
    Drink plenty of water and rest as much as you can. After each feed try and express off any remainder to build it up. Good luck! Just be wary of him not getting enough in case of dehydration.

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    Relactation is possible, so I'm sure its possible for you to increase your supply again. Good luck with it!

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    Good Luck, I am pretty sure if you keep offering breast & express in between you'll be back to feeding him in no time, I think it takes about 3 days for my supply to feel boosted properly... Good Luck!!!!

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