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Thread: Confused about feeding timing

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    Question Confused about feeding timing

    Well the past week dd has been different in her feeds and i am putting it down to self-weening. She isnt wanting her 5th BF in the day but is still sleeping from 7pm-6am overnight without waking (so i am assuming she isnt hungry).

    At the moment she has 2 feeds of solids - usually 11am and 6pm (after BF 2 &4). But i want to start introducing a third solid feed during the day so she continues to get nutrients seeing she has dropped a BF.

    My question is when should it happen.

    She roughly has BF's


    if i give her breakfast at 630/7 after the 6am feed

    and dinner 6pm after her evening feed

    when should lunch be? as in after which feed?

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    paradise lost Guest


    About midday would make sense. You could start with a very light meal and see if it affects the 2pm BF? Some babies do go through phases of feeding more and less, so you might find she starts wanting that 5th BF again at some poin


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    thank hoobley.
    Yes it doesnt bother me if she has the night feed or not?

    SO you say 2 hours post bf? Its confusing as our MCHN tells us after a feed at this age - not as a meal on its own etc etc....

    SO it is ok to have a feed of solids isolated?

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    By the time my girls were on 3 meals a day I didn't worry so much about the breastfeeding times. I just gave her breakfast after the first feed, lunch around lunchtime and dinner around 5pm...

    The other thing to remember is your breastfeeding is more important than her solids, so if she tries to cut down a breastfeed to get the solids in try to feed less solids.

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    paradise lost Guest


    It is ok, but you want to be careful she is still hungry for boobie - that's why they say only after a feed, and that's what i mean by starting with just a little bit.

    In FACT.... how about, if you give her food at 7/7.30am-ish you might find she'll go to 11am before her next BF in which case lunch at midday will be perfect. Until she's a good bit bigger milk should be her main food, but some babies just DO decide they want to feed less often. So long as she's growing and developing and happy, you just keep feeding when she asks and offering if she doesn't ask but you'd like to feed her.

    Babies her age often feed less because everything is suddenly so interesting, and feeding takes time and focus which would (in their minds) be better spent trying to get the fridge open or hiding mummy's credit cards under the sofa. In addition they start to get more mobile which often means their weight gain slows down, because they're using more calories. Self-weaning when babies are this young is more often a result of being too distracted to feed properly and weight gain slowing down which makes mums increase solids and sometimes comp feed with formula. THen it spirals - you can crawl round the floor with a bottle but you can't with the boobie, so breast refusal during more awake times might become an issue and so bottles remain.

    I'm only saying all this so you know that this is more likely to be a developmental stage than a true self-weaning. She sounds like she's doing really really well just now, you're doing everything right.

    I cannot BELIEVE she is 6 months old already. DD is going on 2! Where does the time go?

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    yeah it is hard christy
    as i did cut down the solids (she only has about 4 teaspoons/day) anyhow and she didnt want a night feed.
    I keep putting her on the boob and she wont take it.....

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    I know hoobley! the time just flys!
    Well i put her down to sleep at 8am and she is still asleep now (it is 10.15 atm).
    So she prob will sleep till 11 lol.

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    paradise lost Guest


    Lol hun, it is 12.15am wednesday here - that's where SOME of the time goes...round the world to me


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    lol gee why arent you in bed asleep you crazy thing! lol
    Hey i just ordered a dreambag from the uk... very excited cant wait till it arrives!

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    paradise lost Guest


    I'm a single mother, if i don't do stuff at midnight i won't do it at all (alright i'm just on here, but BB has been down all of my day (when i usually have a surf) so here i still am. Also i know you lot will all get up and talk late in my evening and it's too tempting LOL) so i plan on sleeping *ALOT* when i'm dead. A dreambag? Sadly DD is too mobile for a sleeping bag now. SHe gets up in the morning to come in with mummy for "shnug-gulls" and would trip and get a head injury in a sleeping bag. Which is a crying shame because the jungle friends print is SOOOOOO cute.


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