Hi All,

Hannah and I returned from baby boot camp (aka Riverton sleep school) yesterday. On the first day, all the babies get checked out by the registrar and a pediatrician. When the registrar saw Hannah he commented on how 'fat' she is. I told him that she is fully breastfed on demand (no solids/formula/water anything else), and that I had been told that it was impossible to overfeed a breastfed baby. He just said "it's difficult, but it can be done". He may as well have added "and you seem to be managing it" - his demeanor certainly indicated that he thought as much. He wrote on our discharge summary under the medical concerns section : "frequent feeds - excessive weight gain". To me, that read "Bad mother, fat baby".

Until his comments I was kinda proud of how well she was doing. We're always getting comments on how "healthy" she looks - perhaps that's just a euphemism for fat? I know she's at the 90th percentile for her weight (and only at the 50th for her height) and she looks deliciously chubby, but now I'm feeling very unsure of myself and kinda deflated. Am I doing the wrong thing by her? She was feeding 2 hourly round the clock - but that was how often she was asking to be fed. I always checked it she needed anything else before feeding her, but it always seemed to be a breastfeed she was after.

She's 5 1/2 months old and 8.2kg. Is that so bad?