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    I have (well when i say have to i don't really have to but it's my birthday and i want to go out for dinner with the girls without Oscar - oh i am a terrible mother!) so anyway i demand feed oscar and have no idea how much milk he takes at each feed - could be 50mls could be 200mls i just don't know so my question is how much would people recommend leaving for a demand fed baby. it will probably be for about 5 hours in which time he may have no feeds or 3!!!! you know these babys very unpredictable. i have never left a bubba this young so have no idea. maybe i won't the guilt may still get to me.

    thanks for the input

    love beckles

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    Are you planning on drinking when you are out, or can you feed when you get home?

    I personally would leave about 150-180mls for the first feed, and about 150 for the second, and then the baby should be able to hold on until you get home. Then top up and off to bed I guess?

    Give the person babysitting an idea of when the feeds should be going in. So say - the first bottle between 6 and 7:30, and the second bottle between 2-3 hours affter the first for example. You will know what times work best for you guys.

    I found at that age Jenna would just drink and drink and drink - it didn't seem to matter how much was put in the bottle - 100mls or 200, it was never enough! But after they are finished, sitting up for a few minutes they will settle their tummies and forget about more food. I guess its kinda like me and potato chips - take them away and I'llstop snacking!!


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