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Thread: I feel so conflicted...

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    Default I feel so conflicted...

    Hey girls,
    See if you can help me...

    We have DS after 6 years of TTC, one year of ICSI and one miscarriage. We have had the most wonderful BF relationship. Before DS was born I was completely commited to BFing and would have been devastated if it didn't work. Thankfully, it did work! I couldn't have imagined it being better, I have love spending this special time with him. Love love love BF! I always aimed for 1 year, which is very soon.
    Okay, now my dilehma. We want to TTC #2. When I am home he has a feed morning and night, to go to sleep during the day plus maybe one or two other feeds. He loves his 'boom boom', so cute when he says it too . If I am at work I don't express but feed him in the morning, when I get home from school around 4 (at the latest) and then to go to sleep for the night. I have had 3 AF's, which were getting regular but then during school hols DS feed more and they went funny again.
    So, a part of me wants to wean slowly starting after he turns 1 in 2 weeks. The other part of me isn't ready and another part wants to have another baby! I am starting acupuncture again next week. Going to give it till the end of the year, if no luck back to FS for our frosties (by which time I will have to give up because they won't allow you to BF and cycle). I guess I am thinking if DS is going to be our only one, I want to BF for as long as possible....
    I don't even know if this makes sense...sorry...
    Any advice please??? I think Marcellus went through a similar thing (sorry if I am wrong hun??)
    Rach xx

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    If you do have to wean him to increase your chances of getting pg again, you could always try re-establishing it after you get pg?

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    The BF and cycling conflict isn't as clear cut any more. As long as your cycles have come back you shouldn't have to wean - my FS is happy for me to try again without weaning DS (who still feeds 2-3 times most days), though he did warn me that the medications may reduce my milk supply to the point that DS could wean himself.

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    Basically, you don't necessarily have to wean to undergo IVF - it all depends.
    First, check out the link HERE and listen to podcast number 22.

    It sounds like you can have regular, ovulatory cycles while still breastfeeding. This is good news and suggests very strongly that you can undergo IVF while still breastfeeding (really just depends on your drug regime). Now, your FS/clinic may say otherwise - I would question them strongly as to why that is. Most probably have little information about breastfeeding and the effects on fertility, particularly in the context of IVF, as there hasn't been a whole lot of research done on it. Kmn, myself and others have undergone various kinds of cycles whilst still breastfeedig. some docs will say it's fine, some will say no way.
    I had an HRT FET cycle. I didn't even tell the FS I was still breastfeeding and he didn't ask (probably just assumed given DS' age that I wasn't). I had intended to wean, thinking I woul dhave to , but then got some better information. Unfortunately DS was having so few feeds by the teim we started that the progynova knocked my supply out very quickly. DS kept feeding till 8-9 weeks of pregnancy then gave up.

    My greatest fear in this was prematurely weaning my DS and then having hte cycle fail. Then I'd have lost two things all at once and taken something away from my child. Very, very hard decision. I was still a bit sad that DS weaned, but it might have happened anyway once I fell pregnant. The baby growing in me is a nice consolation and I'm open to the possibility of him returning to the breast once the milk is back. Who knows?

    I wish you all the best in making your decision (and sincerely hope you get a little miracle before then).

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    Hi Girls, Thanks for info and advice.... I think I'll call FS and ask a few questions...Still feel a bit lost. And Marcelus I hope we get a little miracle too All the best with #2! Very exciting! Was this a frostie from the same batch as your son? I am hoping our frosties from Eli's batch will work..xx

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    yep, they're little 'twinnies'

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    That is just lovely Marcellus, so excited and happy for you
    I went to my acupuncturist today, I saw her last for cervix ripening for birth. I just love AP it is just the most amazing thing. She also has me on some chinese herbs - she feels I am little depleted from PG and BF. She was great! I feel hopeful again which is nice. If no luck by Jan next year we'll go back for our frosties... Thanks again xx

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