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Thread: I had to have a little cry

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    Unhappy I had to have a little cry

    My little man decided to wean himself. Honestly I probably would have kept going till he was at least 2.
    I gave him his final feed about a week ago. I knew it was going to be the last one, as he had been pushing me away so much in the weeks leading up to it. I sat there and thought ' this will be the last time that I feed you.' and it bought a tear to my eye.
    I loved the BF experience, although I am looking forward to having ownership of my body back.

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    I agree Meg, that's a great effort to bf for so long. I know how you feel, I felt the same when Jack self-weaned (he was 14 months), the only difference was I didn't realise until the next day that we'd had our last feed. It is sad, but you will maintain your bond and you'll soon get used to the next phase of your relationship. Big hugs hun.

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    well done on bf for so long! i am about to try an wean krystal, i know i will be emotional about it when she stops...

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    Thanks Caro, MR and Rachy.
    I suppose it is just another step in them growing up. He also took his first steps today.

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    Well done on breastfeeding for so long. And congrats to James for taking his first steps!

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    Hi Meg,

    *snap*! Big hugs to you.

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