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Thread: Infant-led feeding and returning to work

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    Default Infant-led feeding and returning to work

    How does infant-led feeding work when the mother goes back to work? Can it still be done using EBM? Any thoughts appreciated!

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    fennella hi, i guess it can be i think i have read in one of these topics that some people who give infant formula give when infant led to do so. i would probably explain my baby's cues for hunger and get them to feed when necessary. hmmm it's a tricky one isn't it, hope someone else can help with this.

    love beckles

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    I am back at work full time & give EBM to Mum or Sister (whoevers day it is to have Indah)
    I told them from day 1 to let her guide them as to when she is hungry, if she is grizzly & it's only been 3 hours give her the botlle of EBM, dont make her drag out til the 4 hours!!!

    They understand that she is our baby & this is what we do, as it is she goes about 5 hours between bottles of EBM now & has some solids....

    I give them roughly 550ml of EBM a day & I feed her as she requires whenever I am with her....

    So as long as whoever is looking after her knows they feed her when hse wants it, not what suits them then I am sure you'll have no probs... Best of luck....

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