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Thread: Milk Drying Up?? What happens??

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    Smile Milk Drying Up?? What happens??

    Hi there,
    My little one started refusing the breast about 3 weeks ago, so we offered her formula & she took it... after that she started refusing the breast more often & has gradually weaned herself onto formula, she's only had 1 or 2 breast feeds in the morning for the last few days now. We were both ready to make the switch to formula with her having 4 teeth & all...
    Last night my breasts felt really hard & I hadn't fed her since the day before so I expressed & the milk smelt a little funny (I'm not too concerned as I won't be feeding it to her as she's totally hooked on formula) but I just wondered is this normal? When will I stop producing milk? Is there any pain involved? How long does the whole process take?
    My body has stopped producing lots of milk & would only be making 1 feed a day but just wondering what the usual process sort of is... (If I have any more babies I'd love to breast feed them for as long as I've fed Mia so I don't want to do anything to affect that)

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    It appears that no-one has ever stopped breastfeeding...

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    With all due respect, I think this thread might be in the wrong forum. I think you'll probably get more replies in the general "Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding and Solids" forum.

    Unfortunately I can't help as I haven't weaned yet.

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    It took about 2-3 weeks for my milk to be gone. It didnt hurt and i didnt have to do anything at all... it just happened. I dont know if thats normal because i didnt feed and i hardly had any milk to start with.... HTH

    Id go ask the breastfeeders in the forum mentioned above

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