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Thread: Need recipes to keep breast milk going

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    Default Need recipes to keep breast milk going

    My daughter was born at 25weeks and 2 days and she is now 42weeks and home. I have been expressing now for 17weeks and my milk has drop alot and I have heard there are things to take to increase your milk supply. Can anyone help

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    Hello - congratulations on your daughter's arrival! My daughter was born at 28 weeks & never got the hang of breast feeding so I expressed for 9 months. In that time my milk dried up (around the time she came home from hospital) & the Paediatrition wrote a script for a product (sounded like "Dom Perignon"!) which helped. I had tried Fenugreek & other "natural" methods but this helped the most for me. It may be worth asking a medico for an opinion. Good luck & I know how frustrating /heartbreaking it is.... so hang in there.

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    Lots of WATER. Not one glass while you feed but three!

    There are also pressure points on the top of your shoulders, halfway between your neck and shoulder (you'll get the sore spot!) and halfway from the top of your shoulder to your shoulder blade. Its been known to set off letdowns
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