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Thread: One boob is really OUCHIE!!!

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    Default One boob is really OUCHIE!!!

    Hello BB Ladies,

    I have weaned DD (18m) last week - totally without drama thank goodness. We were down to only one feed a day for months and occasionally there were days that she would miss it and it wouldn't phase her at all so I figured it was the right time. Well, it's been 6 days and one boob is really sore! I squeezed a bit off yesterday & will do that again in the shower today. Just enough for comfort.

    Just wondering how long it takes to settle down? The other boob is fine. Tender but not sore. Should I be watching out for mastitis in this sore boob?

    Thanks in advance

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    It can take quite a while, just depends. If it's been a gradual process then you shouldn't have too many dramas. Just keep it comfortable and keep an eye on things just in case.

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    I have had mastitis twice now. And they get really sore just before I realise I have it, definantly make sure no lumps are forming!

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