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    my daughter is 10 weeks old and for the last few weeks i have been sleeping her in the bed with me. (she is a restless sleeper and i found this to be the only way for us both to get some sleep) at first she would wake every 2 hours from about 11pm for a small 5-10 min feed and go straight back to sleep, which worked for me. now though she seems to be waking every hour or so for an even smaller feed and falling back to sleep. this contnuous waking is starting to make me tired again, and i feel like i havent really been asleep at all overnight. is there anything i can do to get her to take longer sleep periods during the night, while co-sleeping and without having to re-settle her if she wakes up fully?

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    sounds like you are doing a great job
    um, id just feed her if it was me. you could try patting her but prolly wont help...if she wakes your sleep is still being disturbed yk?
    maybe wraping her might help her not wake up??
    i wouldnt give a dummy, as she may get nipple confusion.

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