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Thread: Resources for gentle weaning?

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    Default Resources for gentle weaning?

    Hi girls

    I would like to wean my DD by Feb, when I'm having surgery and will be on really nasty medication for an extended period. She is currently 15mo, will be about 18 months then.

    I have always demand fed and have no idea how to start weaning her in a gentle way. Everything I read talks about dropping one feed a day - but that assumes that the bub feeds the same number of feeds at the same times every day, whereas we do whatever she feels like!

    I would love to find the weaning equivalent of eg the no cry sleep solution book - has anyone come across such a thing. I'd really appreciate your help.

    Should add she has never had formula and will drink from a cup but not a bottle.

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    Tiggy, the ABA have a booklet on weaning that is $5. I think that would help. My DS self weaned so I haven't done it as such, but he did just drop one feed at a time. Perhaps start by giving cows milk with each meal (3 times a day) and then she will probably reduce the number of feeds on her own. Then maybe drop all feeds except first thing in the morning and pre-bed. Then drop one of those and then the other. Best of luck.

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    Weaning Your Baby - A Respectful Approach to Weaning

    Pinky McKay also has some fabulous parenting books which are gentle: or Sarah Buckley has a book, Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering...
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