Scarlett - I emergency taught at a school once for a teacher that was BFing. Her boss didn't give her any yard duty so that she could go home to BF every recess and lunch. Perhaps that would be a realistic option for you? I know that if I worked at a school that let a teacher off yard duty for that reason, I would be more than happy and not feel like they were getting away with something. At least if you just wanted to express, you know you definitely have the time to do it. I can see where you would find it an issue as teachers so often go without lunch depending on how busy they are.

I also wanted to say that this is a great thread. I have had a few troubles with BFing so far and am giving Gabby a comp feed at night that I hope to replace with EBM once I invest in a better pump (I would like a manual one instead of an electric one becuase it is so loud and inconvienient). You guys have inspired me to keep plugging away at it. It's not easy atm but I can tell by your experiences that it definitely gets better and easier as we both get more and more practice.