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    i went and saw the CYH nurse and she said i should now be trying to get indi to feed on solids more and work up to her having her 3 main meals a day. how much solids should a 6 month old be having after her bottle? and what sort of routine do you have your children in? at the moment i am feeding her solids after her morning feed and her afternoon feed.

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    samps, if indi is happy and healthy, there's no reason why you *have* to enforce more solids, gee she's only little for three solid meals a day! Now is the time they say it's okay to introduce foods, but if you're both still happy breastfeeding I wouldnt worry. My first daughter wanted nothing but breastmilk for a long time and finally weaned at two (still eats like a sparrow) and she grew at every visit and still is the perky, bright eyed gorgeous thing she always was!

    MCHN's are not very helpful with the gentle stuff, it'd be all controlled crying and formula / top ups / more solids if most of them had their way!
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