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Thread: Surely not weaning herself yet??

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    Default Surely not weaning herself yet??

    My little one is almost 13 months. In the last couple of weeks, she's only wanted a bf 3 times a day - on waking in the morning, early arvo & at bedtime. Yesterday & today she's only fed well morning & night feeds but the middle of the day feed she's taken very little & only from one side. Could this be the beginning of weaning? How many bf's a day do other babies this age have? Do they completely wean or will she still have a couple of feeds a day?

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    My little man is only 11 months and doing the same thing. He has been so fussy lately. He will feed happily during the night but seems to be cutting down during the day and would prefer to drink from a cup or bottle. Its a shame, but I have to do what he wants I guess? I love breastfeeding so much so it is a bit sad. I really hope to get to 12 will see how I go. I wish you the best of luck with your little girl.

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