thread: teeth & feeding

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    Nov 2007
    Rose Bay

    teeth & feeding

    hi everyone,

    my bub is 8 months, 97th % in height, & is getting her 5th tooth.
    She still co-sleeps with me & helps herself when she's hungry, but i'm finding that when she's super tired she doesn't always latch on properly & her teeth graze my nipples. sometimes she's so sleepy she bites, but i just cop it...
    ... not sure what i'm asking, but any teeth/breastfeeding suggetions comments welcome!

    jessie x

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    Jul 2005

    Jessie, it sounds like she's just doing it when she's stopped actively bfing. It isn't good for your poor nipples though!

    Take her off as soon as you feel she is no longer actively sucking. That will stop her clamping down and biting. Try to bf before she's too tired to avoid it happening at the start, and if you need to continue a bf, take her off and re-attach whenever you feel pain.